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15 August 2018

Oh dear - we are 2/3rds into 2018 and this is my first blog.

My workload has been non stop since the day we ate our Christmas dinner!!!

With customer commissions, exhibitions and leather jackets to paint the year has just whizzed by.

I am currently half way through a batch of 50+ jackets for a corporate customer and then I have other customer commissions to attend to.

If you are thinking of having something painted for yourself, a friend or loved one for Christmas, then please get in touch soonest so that we can start planning your idea and booking you in on the diary.

This year I have managed to paint some new tigers and an elephant in between commissions and exhibitions.

I have also introduced a new range called 'Silhouettes' which are quite small and can go on a bookcase, bedside table, window ledge or your wall and they were created with the smaller budget in mind.

There are a few different designs and I will be adding the new ones to my 'Art for Sale' section over the coming weeks so please pop back for a look from time to time.

19 November 2017


The formal exhibitions are now out of the way now so I can get back to painting jackets, waistcoats and catching up on commissions.

A birthday surprise commission in the form of a portrait of 'Isla' on smooth dark leather.  She was such a beautiful subject it was a pleasure to paint her.


The image below shows the photograph the customer gave to me, and then the finished portrait and a close up.  Her lively, alert personality came through the more layers I added.

I have added more wildlife to my portfolio collection and these will be uploaded to the Art For Sale section very soon.  Here is a quick look at a couple of them........ 'Seeing Double' and 'Jaguar Portrait'

The corporate work of handbags and jackets continues in the background.........

The calendar designs for 2018 have arrived from the printers - this year there are two types of design, one with jacket images and the other with more traditional wall art.  Calendars are only available from me and there is limited availability.  If you are interested in one please get in touch they are £8.99 including P&P to UK addresses.

leather jacket art calendar bespoke painting

16 September 2017

Please excuse my lack of blogging but I have been so busy doing corporate work (limited edition jackets and handbags to mention just a few).  


I have a bit of a breather now that London Fashion Week has started and Paris Fashion is just around the corner so I can get on with creating new pieces of artwork for the shows in October (in York) and November (in Windsor) see exhibitions page for details.  If you would like access to free private view tickets for York or Windsor please get in touch to see if I have any left.

I have a few paintings lined up and ready to start..... and something quite different to my usual tigers, leopards etc.  Of course I will still be doing more of them also, as they are such beautiful creatures.

I have just completed 2 commission portraits for a 'special birthday' and I can share them with you now that the date has passed.

Three generations of lovely black labradors, Daisy on her own then with her mother Rosie & grandmother Tosca.  Getting them to sit still is the hard bit - the painting is easy compared to that!


If you have any portraits of your extended family that you are thinking of having painted, please get in touch and I will give you a no obligation quotation on the cost.  I do not charge extra for commissions, my pricing structure is the same for all my art and is based on time, structure and framing options.

5 April 2017

Bromyard Speed Festival is now behind us - what a great day Sunday was!  Trading in the Clive Richards Hall meant we were close enough to still be able to see all of the action of the day.  


I also managed to do quite a bit of painting - my demonstration of art on leather.  Visitors throughout the day kept popping back to see how the artwork was progressing.

I decided to paint on a child's leather jacket for this demo - a simple cartoon style.  It is a portfolio piece so if you are interested in it (or having something similar done please get in touch).

1 March 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the Oxford International Art Fair in the Town Hall 24 - 26 February.  It was my first exhibition of the year. 


It was the first showing for my new line of 'Attitudes" series.  Monochrome painting on soft black leather box framed.  Each painting is 12" x 6". There are 6 in total and 2 are shown below.  They are priced at £195 each (plus P&P).  Drop me a line if you would like further information.

My next exhibition is at the Menier Gallery in London for the Armed Forces Art Society Exhibition.  If you would like to go to the Private View on Tuesday 7 March 6pm-9pm please drop me a line so that I can send you some tickets.  The event is on until 11 March and is called 'War and Peace' although there will be many pieces of artwork that have different themes including my wildlife on leather.

I am trying to catch up on jacket commissions this week and get a few quotes together for the new enquiries.

We have booked a double stand at Bromyard Festival of Speed on Sunday 2 April where I will be taking the jacket art together with a selection of automotive art, cards and prints.  It is a fantastic day out - free entry for the street events and lots of traders to keep you busy.  Please come and say hello if you get the chance.

I have updated the list of events I plan to trade at this year here.

21 December 2016

Not really sure where 2016 has gone.......  


Since getting back from Windsor I have been flat out busy working on commissions for Birthday and Christmas presents and lots of new corporate work for the fashion industry all of which I am unable to post on my website due to confidentiality reasons.

However once the New Year arrives I should be able to post some of the Christmas commissions so check back to see what has been added.

Lots of new artwork planned for January with more KittyCats (which have all been sold) and Cat's Eyes (tigers, snow leopards and ocelots are top of the list).  Over the holiday break we will upload more original artwork to the website.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, enjoy the festive period and hope 2017 is good to us all.

21 November 2016

Back from a busy Windsor so very busy working on a number of leather jacket commissions.

I also have new wildlife art in the HACS exhibition during the hArt Christmas events in November and December here in Hereford.

9th November

The Windsor Contemporary Art Fair is only a few days away.  With prep just about complete and the final new paintings are wrapped to ensure they get there safely, it is almost time to hit the road.

The new 2017 calendars have arrived.  Only a limited number are available, some will be available at Windsor and then on my Etsy page before the end of November.

elephant painting on leather

24th October

I am currently working on three leather jacket commissions, details to follow here in the next few weeks.

In the meantime I have been preparing more wildlife art to be exhibited at my Stand (#123) in the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 12 - 13 November:

2nd October

Lots going on - mostly again in the fashion world!  Plenty of orders for painted handbags following the success of London Fashion week and Paris Fashion week which is still in full swing.

Bespoke artwork handpainted on to ladies' handbags is very popular at the moment.

With Windsor Contemporary Art Fair approaching fast (12 - 13 November 2016) the next 3 new wildlife artwork pieces have already been planned.  I have a supply of tickets for 'buy one get one free' entry so if you would like some please drop me a line.  


Carrying on from the 'Cats Eyes' series  I will be painting Ocelot eyes and another Tiger Eyes on leather.  Ocelots are such beautiful creatures with exquisite markings and tigers are one of my personal favourites.


The third painting, which I have already started is of a wolf howling in the dead of night.  I am often asked for wolf subjects so at long last I have added one to my list.  It is nearing completion and a preview of it is below.  I usually finish paintings off in their frame so when I get a free afternoon I will have a frame making session for the wolf and some commission pieces I have.

Take a look at my Facebook page 'Artist Karl' to catch snippets of what is going on in the studio and if you want to automatically get to see my latest posts, 'like' my page.


17th September

Lots going on mostly in an area I can't publicise!  I paint for customers involved in the fashion industry on their leather products and as you can imagine London Fashion Week has been quite demanding for all concerned.

I am also getting ready for a 6 week display of artwork at Malvern Theatres, Malvern in Worcestershire along with 2 other artists.  I will be exhibiting 11 pieces of artwork.  It starts on Sunday 9 October so if you get a chance pop in to see the artwork - grab a coffee at the theatre if you don't plan to visit either of the 2 stages or the cinema there or perhaps treat yourself to a meal in the restaurant if you have the time to linger a little longer.

At the same time I have been taking part in a local yearly art event 'H.Art' which brings plenty of visitors to the County to see local artists and groups throughout Herefordshire.

My latest painting from the 'Cats Eyes' series which sold yesterday........

20th August

It has been a very busy week finishing a new Leopard painting (still needs framing) and two smaller Cats Eyes pieces (boxframed) ready for the Autumn 2016 exhibition season.

30th July

My painting 'Cold War Interceptor' was awarded the RAF Museum Prize at the 82nd Annual AFAS Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London in July 2016.

26th July 2016


After a busy few weeks involved with the www.afas.org.uk annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London it is back to working on my own projects.

My BLOG starts today due to the publication of this new website.