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Car Commission Example

With thanks to Steve and Chris for allowing me to use their TVR commission as an example on my website.

The design brief was to do an oil painting of a TVR set in the Canadian Rockies.  After taking dozens of photographs of the fantastic car the client chose the following to be used as a reference:

commission car painting from photograph

Several options were then put together digitally and the client then decided on the final one including size, medium and frame. I had to factor-in drying time for the oil paints to ensure the delivery deadline was met.  


The final digital composition concept of the layout for the artwork chosen by the client:

composition of commisson idea car painting

Progress on the composition of the artwork.

Mapping our car painting and backgroun artist karl oil

Composition, painting and drying almost complete

customer TVR car painting commission UK based artist

Framed and ready to be delivered to a very happy customer

completed painting customer commission red sports car

Close up detail of the car - the reflection of the light/snow are on the car bonnet and the snow under the car has the reflections and shadows which would be present had the car actually been parked up in the location.

TVR car red painting Canada Candian Rockies
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