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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


TERMS AND CONDITIONS (v2.0 June 2016) References: Sale of Goods Act and Distance Selling Regulations 2013

1.  Characteristics: as discussed and agreed in any email/written communication.

2.  Identity: Trading Name is ‘Bespoke Models’. The brands ‘Artist Karl’ and ‘Art on Leather’ are trading under Bespoke Models.

Address: 348 Ledbury Road, Hereford, Herefordshire  HR1 1QW.

Main business phone: 07775 782369.

Main business email address: admin(at)

3.  Bespoke Models does not act on behalf of another trader. Should a Gallery initiate any contract, then their Terms and Conditions take precedence, unless otherwise arranged.

4.  Contact address is as Para 3 or if initiated through a Gallery, then theirs shall be used.

5.  Price of goods and services.

a.  A direct sale of a stock artwork or derivative product, such as prints. Prices quoted are less postage because customer preferences for such vary. A fixed quote will be provided prior to the sale being agreed.

b.  Online sales.  We sell through a variety of other websites e.g. Artfinder, Saatchi, Art Gallery, Fine Art America and Etsy.  Prices for the artwork and postage are pre calculated and need to be paid to the relevant trader via their website.

c.  Bespoke Models will ensure that the fullest description of the goods and services will be made, sizes are reasonable estimates within 25mm(1”) and weight within 1kg(2.2lb). Images will be provided but consideration must be made to technological limits in reproductions both online (screens) and within any printing process (printed reproductions).

d.  A commission artwork made to order. An individual quote including any proposed variations will be made. Only once all parties agree (by letter, text or email) to all terms would the contract be made.

e.  Delivery charges will be calculated, based on customer preferences during the quotation process.   All items will be sent insured unless the customer specifically waives this requirement.  This waiver must be sent by email prior to the items being shipped.  The customer is responsible for paying the delivery charge unless otherwise agreed in writing.  All delivery costs quote are for addresses in the UK and BFPO addresses only.

6.  Damaged items on delivery.  In the rare event of this happening, the customer must notify Bespoke Models as soon as the damage is noticed and must be within 24 hours of receiving the item.  The customer will need to comply with the shipping agents claim process and take photographs of the packaging and detailed photographs of any damage and send to Bespoke Models by email or text.  This will enable Bespoke Models to make any claims against the relevant courier.  In the case of using Royal Mail Special Delivery the customer may make their own claim, as it may be easier for them in the case of a damaged product, and Bespoke Models will send the customer the original postal receipts in order for the customer to pursue their claim.  How to handle to claim will be mutually agreed between Bespoke Models and the customer.  However, time is often a highly relevant factor in making a claim and if the customer does not respond to Bespoke Models with the relevant photographs in a swift timely manner the time for being able to submit a claim may expire/become void by the courier/Royal Mail.  If this occurs the customer waives the right for redress to either the courier company/Royal Mail or Bespoke Models.

7.  Payment details. Commissioned artwork requires a 50% deposit prior to the work starting. Final payment is due on completion, or within a duration otherwise mutually agreed, and prior to the items being dispatched.

8.  Communication costs. Where distance communication is required, means such as Skype, Face time or other agreed low-cost means should be undertaken wherever practicable. Should the customer require face-to-face communication a travel quote will be made prior to the contract being accepted. This includes the need for any reference photography required to fulfil the contract. Bespoke Models does not operate premium rate call charges, normal mobile phone rates apply although overseas calls will naturally cost more.

9. Payments can be made by:

a.  Direct bank transfer

b.  Credit card invoice (secure payment) sent by email

c.  Debit or Credit card in person

Until the artwork has been paid in full, it will remain the property of Bespoke Models.

10.  Complaints - Customers are to contact us direct to discuss what the issue is.

11.  Right to Cancel

a.  Non-Commissioned artwork and subsidiary products. You have the right to cancel your purchase(s) without giving good reason prior to the item(s) being dispatched.

b.  Commissioned artwork can be cancelled but the deposit will be retained (or a part of it – see * below) unless work has not yet commenced subject to the following:

* A fee for any work (e.g. time, phone calls, design) may be taken from the deposit based on £20 an hour then any residue will be returned to the customer.  If any property needs to be returned to the customer (e.g. jacket) then the delivery costs will also be taken from the deposit.

12.  Cooling off period. There is a cooling off period from taking a commission for 14 days where no artwork will commence unless a mutual agreement has been contracted.  All postage costs are to be met by the customer.

13.  Waiving rights to cancel the cooling off period. A customer may decide to waive the rights to cancel the 14 days cooling off period and must inform Bespoke Models in writing by letter or email or text.

14.  Returns.  In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the goods you receive from Bespoke Models you have the right to return it within 7 days of delivery to the address in paragraph 2. Refunds will be given once product is received back in good order. The customer is responsible to pay for the cost of returning any unwanted item(s).  Your statutory rights are not affected. Commissioned items cannot be returned for refund.

15.  Bespoke Models will at all times strive to provide the goods and services the customer has requested. If there are any concerns over meeting our legal obligations, please inform us within seven days.

16. Security. Bespoke Models has an active Privacy Policy.  All payments are handled securely direct with the bank or credit card company, we do not collect any bank/credit card details.

17. Bespoke Models takes pride in its relationship with its customers and are always happy to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your artwork, commission or these Terms and Conditions.  Please contact us for clarification on any of the points raised above.

18.  Unless stated otherwise all copyright for created artwork will belong to Bespoke Models and therefore there can be no replications under copyright law without the express written consent by Bespoke Models.

19.  Any customs or import duties for customers living outside the UK are to be borne by the customer.

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