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Charcoal drawing of a Tiger

I am often asked "Where do you start" when creating a new piece of artwork.


As I work mainly from photographs the first thing I have to do is find an image that I wish to use as reference material.  Sometimes this image comes from friends, image source websites where I pay a fee, photographer friends who give me permission or I have taken the photograph myself.

This tiger was one of my favourites - I loved the attitude and the beauty of this animal.  My wife also loved this drawing because she says it was like painting a negative - the whiskers weren't so much drawn in, as left blank - the whiskers are the plain paper not a white pencil.  The black graphite is the only thing used.  Keeping the paper clean was the biggest challenge!

The series of photographs below will show you the order that I created the artwork.

pencils drawing tiger rubber eraser
Tiger charcoal drawing.jpeg
© Copyright Karl Hamilton-Cox
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