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Rembrance poppy theme By @artistkarl Size M


Poppy with ghostly soldier on black leather waistcoat. The waistcoat was pre-owned before painting but in okay condition. ​Some of the edges are beginning to curl a little due to its age/being vintage. The price of £170 inc postage reflects the condition of the leather. The artwork is in perfect condition.


Painted as a portfolio piece during an exhibition and is offered for sale at events and exhibitions and via our online shop (under Art For Sale - painted jackets).


The artwork is resistant to petrol, diesel, oil and all weathers normally expected from a leather waistcoat - some bikers wear leather waistcoats over the top of their leather jacket.


This item can be returned within 14 days of posting it to the customer - if say for example it doesn't fit you - but all the postage must be paid by the customer.


You must notify us immediately if you wish to return it.


Once the item is received back in good order the refund will be made. It would therefore be in the customer's interest to return the jacket by a trackable method which requires a signature on receipt.


If you would like similar design painting on your waistcoat/jacket this would cost £230 plus all postage costs.

Remembrance waistcoat

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