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By @artistkarl


New range which is now offered for sale via this online shop.


Buy just the patch or have it framed!


Unique hand painted leather patch for your jacket, waistcoat or bag. Patch measures approx 4" x 6".  The overall framed size measures 9” x 7”. This frame has glazing.  


You can buy the patch as it is (£35) or maybe buy it framed (£49) so not only does it look great, it keeps it safe until you are ready to put it on your jacket.


This patch is painted on black leather but can also be created on brown leather.  It can be sewn or glued on your jacket (adhesive not provided). The leather is fully flexible (see image example showing Marilyn Monroe and James Dean patch being folded/curled).


The artwork is resistant to petrol, diesel, oil and all weathers normally expected from a leather jacket.


This would make a great gift to a rock n roll fan!  Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, "I never know what to get you", "Saw this - thought of You" or "Just because I love you"..........

Vince Eager handpainted leather patch

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